Californian retirees flock to Eagle Idaho

Californians flock to eagle idaho

It looks like you may need to keep a close eye on the latest numbers of Californian retirees that are moving to Idaho, particularly to a small town outside of Boise, Eagle Idaho. 

According to an analysis done by the Las Angelas Times California’s main Public retirement system, (CalPERS) have estimated that nearly 90,000 pension members are receiving their pensions outside of California.  It was also found that out of the total numbers that Eagle Idaho was receiving the largest percentage per zip code. 

Not only are these Californians moving to Idaho, but they are bringing with them their extremely large pensions in comparison with the locals.

And to potentially complicate things they are running for local offices and wanting to get involved in your local politics.  This is definitely something to focus on and not lose track of, Afterall, you don’t want to import the wreckless ideas that are bankrupting California to your local towns.

Here are a couple stories that are related to this potential issue with Eagle Idaho:

Eagle, Idaho has recently been dubbed the “Little Orange County” based on the large number of former Californians retirees that have moved there.  Article

California retirees flocking to small Idaho town, prompting concerns about ‘liberal baggage’: ‘Wait a minute’  Article

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