Irony of Sanctuary Cities: They Welcome & Encourage Illegal Immigration & Protest the Result of It

Immigration Invasion in Sanctuary CitiesImmigration Invasion in Sanctuary Cities

New York liberals find themselves in a bit of a pickle.  Self-righteous liberals that tout honor and proclaiming to be sanctuary cities have now come to the conclusion that they can’t AFFORD the influx of illegal immigrants in the state.

Yet it’s ok to force the border states to tote the expense.

As long as it’s not in their backyard they are ALL for IT!!!! Hypocrites you say?

They are trying to blame Texas for this increase and expense, even going as far as sueing the bus companies, then you go and find out that the MAJORITY of illegal immigrants were actually the results of Biden’s policies…

Be Careful What YOU Promote and ASK for, YOU Just Might GET IT, and HAVE to PAY for IT…

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