Secure the Southern Border – Don’t be Stupid

Invasion of Epic ProportionsInvasion of Epic Proportions

I am so tired of hearing about the southern border from the liberals and their propaganda machine, the mainslime media.

There is an actual major issue with our border security, especially in the last 3-years as Biden and his misfits have been attempting to run this country.  Well they are running it, Into the Ground!  

I can’t help but think that if anyone with a grain of common sense and a sliver of understanding can see the possible degrees of danger that they have created.  Letting literally millions of unvetted, undocumented and unknow people from a multitude of countries, into the United States is a recipe for disaster.

It only takes a handful of bad actors to do a massive amount of damage to the country.

And NO, it’s not racist to want to control the flow of people entering this country.  It’s Smart !!!

The United States has enough issues and concerns for the citizens that live here, and needs to focus the recourses on them, not the world.

Don’t let he perverse beliefs of the extreme whacked out left sway you from doing the right thing, the only thing when it comes to protecting the border and the citizens of the United States.

They will try and label you one of a hundred or more of their favorite labels of the day, try and bully you, try to ridicule you and just try to take you out by any means necessary to get their way. 

There is no rhyme or reason for their actions, except perhaps a mental disorder or something of that nature, for a rational, clear-thinking person wouldn’t do the things or say the thing that they do.

Just think of this situation, created by democrats and continued by democrats, as if it were your own home.

Do you think that for one minute, that they would let endless numbers of unknown people just enter their homes, wonder around their home, sleep in their home, use all the resources of their home and tap into their bank accounts as needed?  The answer is simple, NO, not even a chance.

That is what’s happening to this country.

The left needs to wise up, shut up, and if they are unwilling to assist in in Doing the Right thing, then they need to step aside, and we true Americans will fix this problem…


That’s My Opinion

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