New York’s use of red-flag laws to seize guns has skyrocketed

New York Red Flag Project SoresNew York Red Flag Project Sores

Story from the Washington Post

Story by Joanna Slater

The unusual phone calls began last year.

So many guns were being seized by the New York State Police, several evidence custodians told a union official, that they were running out of space to store them.

The guns were tagged and arranged neatly, lined up on shelves or in cabinets. “People were saying, ‘Where the heck are we going to put all this?’” recalled Timothy Dymond, the president of the New York State Police Investigators Association.

The packed evidence rooms were a direct result of one of the most ambitious experiments ever attempted with red-flag laws, a relatively new tool that states are deploying to combat gun violence. Such laws are used to prevent people at risk of harming themselves or others from possessing or buying firearms.

In New York, the results of the experiment have been dramatic. Last year, the state’s civil court judges approved more than 4,300 final orders under the law, up from 222 in 2021. At least 1,800 guns were removed by the state police and local law enforcement agencies in 2023.

New York’s unique approach was driven by the nation’s rising gun deaths. After the massacre at a Buffalo supermarket in 2022, New York strengthened its red-flag law in a manner unlike any other state, making it a requirement rather than an option for law enforcement authorities to pursue such orders.

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Here is where the problem will be, the story as reported, tries to paint this as a life saving program and nothing more.

What you have in all actuality is a law that once in place will put a strangle hold on Law Abiding Citizens who would choose to own firearms.  A lot of the Red Flag Laws use a reporting system as a way to identify who may be at danger, or be dangerous.  And that is all it takes, a phone call.

This would give anyone you know, or come in contact with, or have a disagreement of opinion with, to make a phone call and have your guns removed.  They don’t have to prove that you are a threat, just suggest it. 

Think about it for just a second.  You have liberals that don’t agree wiht your opinion, don’t like what you say at a school board meeting, don’t like what you’re doing with your business or land or simply just don’t like you.  Most of these Red Flag laws allows them to make that phone call and your guns would Automatically be removed, no questions asked.  You may never see them again.

This is a very Dangerous Slippery Slope and it’s my opinion this is just a first step in actual gun control.

The backers of these types of laws are prominently liberal, and always have a hidden agenda.

They promote them as a safety concern to curb gun violence, but I believe it’s just a ruse.  It’s just a foothold to a more permanent form of gun control.

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