Oregon quietly launched and then abandoned a $29 million initiative to provide hotel accommodations, food and housing for migrants

Oregon wastes $29 Million on illegals

Oregon is falling into the same liberal trap of Wasting Your TAX dollars on programs you did NOT Approve…


Ant the Oregon government is spending it like it’s belongs to them.  Our Tax Dollars should go to improving and helping Oregonians that live here, not invading illegals.  We have a major problem with an enormous influx of people crossing our southern border in search of handouts, again, YOUR MONEY…

“Under Gov. Tina Kotek, agency officials in April outlined two options for lawmakers to ensure the program’s “long-term sustainability,” records show. One was a $79 million plan to keep the welcome center open for four more years, while the second would have spent $41 million to pay a nonprofit to operate a smaller hotel in Gresham.”

from MSN Article


Neither proposal appeared in official budget documents, nor had they been made public until being requested by The Oregonian/OregonLive. And neither was ultimately approved.

Sounds like the government trying to pull a fast one over the citizens.

This kind of program and funds could go a long way in supporting US Citizens and their families, and we all know we have thousands of Oregonians that need help and assistance.

But it looks like your government officials just don’t want to help you, but they do want to SPEND YOUR MONEY…

By April 2023, the welcome center was “operating at full capacity,” state records show. Monthly expenses for lodging, security, food and communication assistance peaked that month, at $1.4 million, declining only slightly in May and June because of reduced food costs.

from MSN Article

Oregon Legislators Sneek the Money inside another Bill

In June, the Legislature ultimately approved $20.9 million to effectively end the program. It tucked the money into the so-called “Christmas tree bill” – a spending package to fund lawmakers’ top asks that included hundreds of other line-item earmarks totaling some $1.1 billion.

The state directed about half of the $20.9 million to Multnomah County to help find housing for the 300 people living in the welcome center at the time. The county, in turn, contracted with three nonprofits to move families into community housing.


(That’s about $35,000 per person on this one alone)

from MSN Article


This is YOUR TAX DOLLARS being given away

Oregon State Capitol

And before you go off on your soap box, No we are not racist or any other label you may want to select…

We are Proud American citizens that have a desire to take care of our fellow citizens.  We have absolutely no issue with Immigration… with that said, the Immigration NEEDS to be DONE LEGALLY through the established channels already in place, you know, the LAWS. 

We Do Not Condone people coming into our country ILLEGALLY… and NO, all of these Millions of people entering our country illegally are NOT seeking asylum, they are coming for the FREEBIES that the Liberals are giving away like candy..

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