Some of the most Liberal cities in Idaho are in your backyard

Idaho is known for its conservative political leanings, but there are still several cities in the state that have a liberal population. According to a recent article by HouseReal, the 15 most liberal cities in Idaho are:

  1. Twin Falls
  2. Pocatello
  3. Rexburg
  4. Caldwell
  5. Moscow
  6. Hailey
  7. Ketchum
  8. Sandpoint
  9. Boise
  10. Sun Valley
  11. Chubbuck
  12. Meridian
  13. Garden City
  14. Eagle
  15. Star

The article takes into account the political character of each city, the various ranges of amenities they provide, and some of the distinct qualities that make each and every one of them an appealing option for those with left-leaning inclinations1.

Another article by RoadSnacks lists the 10 most liberal cities in Idaho as:

  1. Hailey
  2. Moscow
  3. Kuna
  4. Meridian
  5. Eagle
  6. Star
  7. Garden City
  8. Pocatello
  9. Chubbuck
  10. Lewiston

The ranking is based on measuring how each city in Idaho with populations greater than 5,000 voted and contributed to political campaigns in the past several years2.

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