Harvard’s President Claudine Gay Called Out for Anti-White Racist Efforts on Campus

UPDATE:  1/2/2024 Gay has stepped down as President of Harvard.  In her speech she of course had to play the Race Card, she just couldn’t see that just maybe, she actually committed the offenses and should have been removed from her office. 

It’s a sad day in academics when a once revered college has become a cesspool for Anti-White Racists.  When someone makes it their goal and mission to dismantle everything “White”.

Harvard University President Claudine Gay formed a task force after George Floyd’s death with the aim of reducing the visual presence of white men in campus spaces.

“The task force recommended changing the decor in spaces dominated by portraits of white men, specifically targeting Annenberg Hall.”

The article on MSN describes some of the racist actions by Harvard’s very own president.

From an article in City Journal

“Harvard president Claudine Gay has been embroiled in controversy for minimizing Hamas terrorism and plagiarizing material in her academic work on race. Both scandals have discredited her presidency, but neither should come as a surprise. Throughout Gay’s career at Harvard—as professor, dean, and president—racialist ideology has driven her scholarship, administrative priorities, and rise through the institution.

Over the course of her career, Gay quietly built a “diversity” empire that influenced every facet of university life.”

Let’s look at these actions from a different perspective, now imagin if you will, that a white university president was doing the exact thing but change the direction from White to any other color.  What do you think would happen, and be honest, because we all know that person would be publicly and verbally attacked by all liberals and their so-called news outlets 24/7 until they were forced to resign and disappear from public life.


Gay is under fire for multiple reasons now, even Plagiarism, here are some links to various articles outlying her aggressions: 

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Harvard University President Claudine Gay formed a task force after George Floyd’s death with the aim of reducing the visual …

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