Oregon Politics gone mad

Oregon leans Democrat as a state, with both U.S. senators from the Democrat party, as well as four out of Oregon’s six U.S. Representatives.

The Democrat candidate for president has won in Oregon in every election since 1988.

Both houses of Oregon’s legislative assembly have been under Democrat control since the 2012 elections.  No wonder Oregon has been suffering economically for years. When these liberals try and push their agenda no good comes from it.

The numbers are closing, and the Republicans now have a chance to overtake these touchy-feely people and bring back true order for the state.

With the population growing and more people opening their minds to actual thought and not mindless obedience, you should start to see some things happen.

Just a Pet Peeve and Correction

The liberals belong to the “Democrat” party, NOT the “Democratic” party.  these are two very separate things, as there is nothing democratic about liberals.

I have been noticing the mainslime news media and liberal politicians have been sliding that word in a lot of the talks and stories lately.

My guess is that it is yet another attempt at a subliminal message to listeners and a way to make the party sound like they are in fact, democratic.  What lengths the liberals will go to push an agenda, what parlor tricks they play.

So Wise Up Media & Politicians, we’re on to your Tricks

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