Oregon Supreme Court declines to hear Trump ballot challenge

Oregon Supreme CourtOregon Supreme Court

Story by FOX 12 Staff

The Oregon Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge that would preclude Former President Donald Trump from the Oregon 2024 Republican primary and general election ballot.

The announcement was made Friday by the Oregon Supreme Court, citing five voters who asked the court to disqualify Trump. The Court says their request was based on section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The section of the amendment states anyone who swore an oath to support the Constitution and then “engaged in insurrection” against it will be barred from holding office.

According to Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade, “she had no authority under Oregon law, at the primary election stage, to consider Mr. Trump’s qualification to serve as President.”

Griffin-Valade is reiterating a similar statement made at the end of November where she said she expected Trump to appear on the primary ballot “unless the court directs me otherwise.”

Oregon’s presidential primary ballots must be finalized by March 21, 2024.

President Trump in the White House

Well at least at this time Oregon hasn’t lost its mind in this particular election interference rampage that’s plaguing the country.

But I would be most curious as to the political affiliation of those 5 voters making the request, most likely democrats would be my guess.

Remember that these extremists are trying to use the 14th Amendment to remove President Trump from the ballot, but they fail to understand basic comprehension of its meaning.

President Trump was never charged with insurrection, he was never convicted of insurrection, the only thing going on is the liberals and the mainslime media pushing a narrative that they want in hopes of discrediting him.  

This is a sign of a party that is so afraid of this man that they will do and say anything to not have to go up against him in a fair election.


Desperate people do desperate things.

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