MSNBC is Censoring President Trump and Refusing to Air his Speach Live

MSNBC Censors President TrumpMSNBC Censors President Trump

MSNBC Censors President Trump and states that they will refuse to air his speech live, claims he lies too much…

That has got to be the funniest thing that I have ever heard, the news media has the audacity to censor the President for assumed lying, when in fact, the news media is the largest perpetrator of spreading misinformation and lies. 

I think this is a case of they need to check their own backyard and clean up that mess before they start censoring Presidents.

Pitiful shameless political act is all this has come to.  But hey, what do you expect from a propaganda news media. 

Maddow should know what this is called, but she is so self-absorbed in her own delusional world it would seem…


That’s called censorship.

That’s called anti free speech.

That’s called I know better than the American people.

That’s called anti freedom. That’s called anti liberty.

That’s called un-American.

That is not the job of a journalist, if many ever can be called that anymore.

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