Residents asked to open their homes to Illegals

Residents asked to open their homes to IllegalsResidents asked to open their homes to Illegals

Democrats have run out of room, they don’t know where to put their illegals they’ve imported. Will you host an illegal alien? You have a big selection as we have illegals from over 100 Nations crossing illegally.

Does this mean house, feed and take care of and share your living room and bathroom too? HOW CAN WE AFFORD THIS? Everything is so expensive as it is, how are we supposed to absorb illegals in our home when we can barely afford taking care of our own family… WTF Are Democrats smoking?

Massachusetts initiated a program six months ago, urging its residents to provide accommodation for illegal aliens in their homes. Six months later children were booted from their school in Brooklyn.

How long until they tell you to give up your home, your child’s school, or your business to house illegals from over 100 nations?

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