Why Biden is ‘scamming’ the American people on the border crisis

Texas Border Crisis and bidens liesTexas Border Crisis and bidens lies

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, discusses a Senate hearing on the dangers of social media and President Biden’s handling of the border crisis on ‘The Bottom Line.’

Biden Created this Mess at our Border from Day 1 when he Reversed most of President Trumps Border Laws that Worked 

Biden likes to Play the Victim Card often, it’s never his fault, someone else did it and so on.

He seems to not want to take responsibility for his actions, and his inactions.

At times we wonder if he actually knows what he is doing, and moreover, where he is?  With the rumors of his declining cognitive condition raging like a wildfire you have to give it some real thought.  Just look at the times he makes an attempt at speaking, how he bumbles through his incoherent sentences, his lost look and even his inability to find the exit off a stage.

A Commonsense person would question that

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