Gavin Newsom faces recall threat from Rescue California group

Recall the Gavin newsome

It looks like Gavin is at it again, he seems to be a typical politician that is only interested in self-promotion and self-elevation within the liberal ranks.

It is so disturbing how these individuals conduct themselves and marginalize the populace.  It wasn’t that long ago that he had received a gift of a Mansion, worth millions of dollars and somehow never reported it. There were all sorts of concern about it being a bribe or some form of a money laundering scheme.

He seems to be enriching himself on the backs of Californians.

Now it looks that Gavin has found himself back in the spotlight, this time in a potential recall campaign.  A group of Californians have said that they are not content with the way he is managing the state, that it seems his focus is on the White House run and that he has all but lost interest in them.


Rescue California criticized him for spending $3 billion a year to give free health care to 700,000 immigrants “while cutting vital programs for veterans, school children, the disabled and the homeless.”

Newsome continues to blame Republicans for his short fallings, but what do you expect, he is a liberal Afterall…

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