Is Newsom pandering to his Political Donors at the expense of Californians?

Newsom and Panera Bread

It looks like Gavin Newsom is up to his old tricks again, helping himself and his friends disregarding the citizens of California.  Politicians seem to do these types of things all the time, yet they don’t seem to be held accountable.  Why is this?

I think it is time for these self-righteous egotists to be held to the same standards as us regular people.  Who else is tired of politicians playing with your money, your livelihoods and your lives?

If you or I tried to do the things these politicians do, we would most likely end up in prison.   

It’s time to put an end to this behavior and remind our politicians that they are Public SERVANTS, they WORK for us, they are not Kings or Lords.  

Power Corrupts as they say, and ultimate power ultimately corrupts.

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