Oregon Squatter Rights is Insane

Squatter Scam Exposed

In Oregon, squatters’ rights, also known as adverse possession, allow a person to potentially gain ownership of an abandoned or unoccupied property if they occupy it openly and exclusively for a certain period of time. Here are the key points regarding squatters’ rights in Oregon:

  1. Occupation Period: To make an adverse possession claim for legal ownership, a squatter must live on the property openly and continuously without permission for 10 years.

  2. Requirements for Adverse Possession:

    • Open Occupation: It must be obvious to anyone, including the legal owner, that the squatter is occupying the property.
    • Notorious Occupation: The occupation must be conspicuous and generally known by the public and community.
    • Exclusive Occupation: The squatter must be the sole occupant of the property; the legal owner cannot occupy it simultaneously.
    • Hostile Occupation: The occupation must be against the rights of the legal owner, without their permission or consent.
    • Continuous Occupation: The property must be occupied for the full 10-year statutory period without any gaps.
  3. Permissive State: Oregon is one of the more permissive states when it comes to squatters’ rights. The continuous occupation time period is shorter compared to many other states, and Oregon law does not require the squatter to pay any property taxes during the 10 years.

Remember that understanding these nuances is essential for anyone considering claiming squatters’ rights, as well as property owners seeking to protect their assets. If you’re dealing with squatters, landlords can remove them through the legal “disability” provision or a judicial eviction

Do squatters have rights in Oregon?

It’s time to change the Law and protect all of us from having your property taken from you in a Squatter’s Scam.

I see a definite need to rally and force the legislation into protecting Law Abiding Property Owners.  Enough is Enough.

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