Outrage erupts as ‘violent’ leader of Columbia University’s anti-Israel protest identified as son of millionaire ad executives

Columbia University anti-Israel protest leader unmasked as 40-year-old James Carlson

NEW: James Carlson, one of the primary agitators in the recent Columbia’s riots, turns out to be a millionaire’s heir with a long history of violent protests. A lawyer and self-styled anarchist, Carlson is the son of late ad mogul Dick Tarlow.

Despite his privileged background, he boasts a rap sheet dating back to 2005, with numerous charges including assault on a police officer. Living in a lavish $3.4 million Brooklyn brownstone property,

Carlson has been a fixture in anti-capitalist movements across the country. His latest escapade at Columbia involved breaking into the university, barricading doors, and causing substantial property damage, resulting in charges of burglary, reckless endangerment, and more.

Moreover, Carlson faces a hate crime charge for an incident in April, where he allegedly set an Israel supporter’s flag on fire and assaulted the individual with a rock. This is only the latest in a string of protests he has led, which include disruptive actions at major New York City traffic arteries earlier this year. Carlson’s stepmother, currently linked romantically to singer John Cougar Mellencamp, shares ownership of a $15 million mansion on Fifth Avenue.

His father, who passed away in 2022 leaving a $20 million estate, was a significant figure in advertising, associated with big names like Revlon and Ralph Lauren. Carlson (40), was arrested early Wednesday for his role in the violent takeover at Hamilton Hall.

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