Anticipated Reapportioning Set to Increase Idaho’s Congressional Seats in 2030

Anticipated Reapportioning Set to Increase Idaho's Congressional Seats in 2030

It looks like a few states will be gaining congressional seats and a few will be losing some seats by 2030 according to a study done based on an analysis on the Census Bureau’s latest population estimate for 2023.

If all goes according to the numbers Idaho is set to gain a congressional seat, going from 2 seats to 3 seats.

California is the “Big Loser” as they are set to lose 4 seats, going from 52 seats to 48 seats.  That is actually good news as so many people are tired of these fat states making the lion share of the decisions for the rest.


Here is the proposed list of Winners and Losers:

States Gaining                                  DistrictsStates Losing Districts 

Arizona +1 (from 9 to 10)California -4 (from 52 to 48)
Florida +3 (from 28 to 31)Illinois -2 (from 17 to 15)
Georgia +1 (from 14 to 15)Minnesota -1 (from 8 to 7)
Idaho +1 (from 2 to 3)New York -3 (from 26 to 23)
North Carolina +1 (from 14 to 15)Oregon -1 (from 6 to 5)
Tennessee +1 (from 9 to 10)Pennsylvania -1 (from 17 to 16)
Texas +4 (from 38 to 42)Rhode Island -1 (from 2 to 1)
Utah +1 (from 4 to 5)


As you can see Texas is a big Winner as they are poised to gain 4 seats along with Florida gaining a potential 3 seats.


You can see more details in the article by Bloomberg

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