What is Idaho’s Political Outlook?

What is Idaho's Politacal Outlook

What is Idaho’s Political Outlook? Is there a mass invasion of liberals into the state?

How does the influx of new residents shake things up in the political arena? 

The data came from Independant Voter Project.

Party registration Numbers:


Registered Voters: 923,517

Democratic Party: 114,742 (12.42%)

Republican Party: 545,993 (59.12%)

Third Party/Other: 13,842 (1.50%)

Unaffiliated: 248,940 (26.96%)


Updated as of November 20, 2023

So as you can see the Republicans have a large lead by numbers over the democrats and other political parties, however, there still are concerning factors.

Such as combining the democrats with the unaffiliated gets you pretty close, and that’s assuming that everyone votes, witch sadly, they don’t.

We have written before about the large numbers of transplants moving from out of state.  Several cities are more appealing and can slowly be taken over by the democrats and they can begin to change the political landscape one city at a time like they are attempting to do in Texas.

This is something to keep a close eye on.  And watch the local school boards as well, it all starts there…

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